Industrial process automation projects

At Sunt Automation you can entrust us with your industrial process automation projects and a wide range of services related to electronic applications in industry. Our years of experience in the sector are a guarantee of the quality of our services. By trusting in Sunt Automatización you will notice that each of our projects and jobs are unique.

We design industrial process automation projects

Sunt Automation is a company with a long history, with professionals in the area of ​​robotics who can carry out any type of automation project in industries; from the conception and design of machinery and robots, to their manufacture, assembly and maintenance. Our main objective is to offer efficient solutions to clients, who generally need their companies to grow in productivity.

To do this, we have advanced technology and robotics experts who can create or modify the right hardware for the company's needs. In general terms, it can be said that at Sunt Automatización we create unique machinery, since all our projects are carried out taking into account the true needs of those who request our services.

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Automation of quality control processes

Currently, one of the most requested services by our clients has to do with the installation of robots integrated into quality control processes. Among other factors, precision and higher productivity is what our customers require most. So, one of the technologies that we use the most is that of 6-axis robots. The reason is very obvious, because it is one of the most flexible mechanisms.

Another of the industry departments where we provide the most solutions is product handling. And it is that as companies grow and depending on the type of product they produce, each process more urgently needs to make the leap to automation or simply modernize existing automated systems.